Talk! Yet Aim Not To Wound. Thought is Your Friend. Embrace it. Own Your Emotions. Don’t Let Them Own You.

Racism is a false belief, born out of a desire to prematurely close the inquiry into what makes each of us human. At the root of such desire is fear – fear of knowing the other – which when unexamined leads to their devaluing, their mistreatment, their abuse and death.

The Butcher of Moscow

He was sitting at his desk in his bunker when the call came in. The general he had summoned had arrived. Putin reached over to the photo of Josef Stalin he kept on his desk and put it in one of the drawers.The general stepped in. Putin signaled for him to take a seat across.… Continue reading The Butcher of Moscow

Changing Thoughts on the War

The war is settling into a slow, painful grind. Russia is concentrating in the East but have made gains in the southern border. A protracted war is likely to end with an advantage for Russia, since they have access to more fighting materiel. Which brings up the matter of how much more assistance to give… Continue reading Changing Thoughts on the War

Turkey, NATO and Biden

A recent article in the WSJ coauthored by former senator Joe Liebermann, addressed the matter. Here I add my thoughts.Recep Erdogan, Turkey’s president, has been in power for years but could not get his nation into the European Union. His governing style has not measured up to their standards. But now that Finland and Sweden… Continue reading Turkey, NATO and Biden

Reflections on the War

What to do about Hungary?They’re ruled by an autocrat, Viktor Orban, who they just reelected easily.They also like Putin. Which helps explain their choice.They refuse to join in the West’s vigorous support of Ukraine.They just told the president of the European Commission, Ursula Von Leyen, that they had no interest in joining the EU’s embargo… Continue reading Reflections on the War

The Deification of Elon Musk

Dear Elon:You are being deified and you’re loving it. Which worries me.Here are statements I read earlier in an Associated Press article published today.‘You have a guy who probably has an unmeasurable IQ…’ said a professor in Michigan referring to you.C’mon, man, don’t believe a word of it. Your IQ is measurable.Here’s another, from a… Continue reading The Deification of Elon Musk

Why There Won’t Be A Nuclear War

There’s much talk about the possibility of a nuclear war if Putin is pushed too hard in Ukraine.Particularly now that his army has underperformed and the quick victory he imagined, with Ukrainians bowing reverentially to his majesty as he made his triumphant journey to Kyiv, has been shown to be a fantasy.In his despair, Putin… Continue reading Why There Won’t Be A Nuclear War


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