Talk! Yet Aim Not To Wound. Thought is Your Friend. Embrace it. Own Your Emotions. Don’t Let Them Own You.

Racism is a false belief, born out of a desire to prematurely close the inquiry into what makes each of us human. At the root of such desire is fear – fear of knowing the other – which when unexamined leads to their devaluing, their mistreatment, their abuse and death.

The Winds of Freedom are Blowing

There was something vulgar about the way Chinese police detained a protester, as seen in a widely circulated video. A young man, he was carrying a sign that said, ‘Chinese people need to be braver.’Three security agents apprehended him and dragged him into a police vehicle. I wonder how long it will be before he… Continue reading The Winds of Freedom are Blowing

The White Paper Protest

Chinese people are defying the rigid mandates of Xi Jinping to contend with the spread of Covid. And with good reason. The long quarantines have severely restricted mobility and curbed economic activity. They are choking the Chinese.In Urumqi, in Xinjiang province, a province notorious for the repression of the Uyghur population, 10 died in a… Continue reading The White Paper Protest

The Book of Our Lives

We wake up in the morning and if our minds are open to the flow of past memories, something shows up that wants our attention.A project we didn’t complete, mistakes that were made, opportunities that weren’t taken, things that weren’t said or were said.Regrets.And we think, was courage absent?Did we give it our best? And… Continue reading The Book of Our Lives

The Miracle and Tragedy of Ukraine

They keep doing it, day after day. Defending their land, their right to choose their destiny.It puts Russians and their supporters to shame. How dare you wish to oppress a land that’s been independent from Russia since 1991.In their fierceness, Ukrainians remind us all not to give up. To keep trying to achieve whatever it… Continue reading The Miracle and Tragedy of Ukraine

Day of Thanks AND Forgiving

Thank you to those we know and don’t know.To those who keep the lights on, the trains and trucks running, our homes and water heated,Those who work in places that never close or to which we can go or call in an emergency.To those who keep our streets safe, our computers running, those who grow… Continue reading Day of Thanks AND Forgiving

Biden Dreams

He had a hectic day dealing with both national and foreign affairs but as he was usually able to do, when it was time to go to sleep, he could do so without difficulty.It was the rare occasion when he could not.Then it came to him. The dream.He had entered a room where there were… Continue reading Biden Dreams

On China. We Have Our Differences

Take the Covid 19 pandemic. We know it started in Wuhan, China, at the end of 2019, but their leadership chose not to quickly contact the World Health Organization (WHO). Instead they suppressed reports by their own doctors, the first one reporting dying from the disease.Time was critical but wasted because of China’s secrecy. If… Continue reading On China. We Have Our Differences


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