Talk! Yet Aim Not To Wound. Thought is Your Friend. Embrace it. Own Your Emotions. Don’t Let Them Own You.

Racism is a false belief, born out of a desire to prematurely close the inquiry into what makes each of us human. At the root of such desire is fear – fear of knowing the other – which when unexamined leads to their devaluing, their mistreatment, their abuse and death.

Hijabs and Fertility

On September 16th, Mahsa Amini, a 22 y/o woman of Kurdish origin, was detained in Tehran by the Morality Police, an outfit dedicated to enforcing strict adherence to the religious mandate of wearing head scarves and robes. She was visiting the city with her family. She died later that day while in custody. Physical abuse… Continue reading Hijabs and Fertility

Putin on the Progress of the War

He is in one of his vacation homes, a hilly, secluded area heavily guarded by a top security team.He strolls in the open field behind it accompanied by his faithful dog. Putin carries a short stick in his hands.In the near distance, a small lake glistens invitingly. It’s early morning.Much has been happening in the… Continue reading Putin on the Progress of the War

Hate Russia?

Two old friends, Pete and Sandy, get together for breakfast at a diner in Greenville, South Carolina. Pete – Heard about the two doctors who got charged with conspiracy?Sandy – No, I didn’t.Pete – Read about it yesterday. They were working at a military base, I think in Virginia, and they contacted the Russian embassy… Continue reading Hate Russia?

Dear Russian Military

The time is now.Now that Putin is scared of Ukraine’s mounting offensive and growing desperate that the exodus of Russians cries out loudly, ‘we don’t trust you, you’re destroying our nation, do not sacrifice our lives for your lies.’If he had been sleeping well at night, that has changed.That cry is haunting him and has… Continue reading Dear Russian Military

Mr Scholz. The Leopard Tanks

This is a critical moment in the war. The tanks can make a difference.Ukrainians are gaining ground in some areas but meeting fierce resistance in the south where Russians have had time to dig in and fortify their positions.President Zelensky said the other day that approximately 50 of his soldiers are dying daily.You stated recently… Continue reading Mr Scholz. The Leopard Tanks


The mass of protesters surged forward, some of them with their faces covered, some not. Men and women of various ages, arms interlocked, a look of fierce determination.‘We won’t fight Ukraine! We won’t fight Ukraine!’ They chanted vigorously. ‘Long live Russia!’A block and a half away a unit of riot police in full gear, four… Continue reading Vasily!


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