Brother Donald: Letters

An attempt to get Donald Trump to look at himself and recognize his truth, and how the avoidance of it has led him, and all of us in tow, down a perilous path.

I hate to see a man implode,
Particularly when it seems preventable.

I once worked in a prison,
Listening to people’s stories of failure.
My work was to get them to look at their mistakes
So they could learn from them.

As I heard the sad stories
Again and again I saw
That the sad ending was preventable,
That the downward course could be stopped,
That it didn’t have to end the way it did.

There’s a parallel, isn’t there?
See, I think you’re a prisoner, too.
A prisoner of a certain way of looking at things,
And nothing else.

A man boxed in.

(From the 1st Letter)

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