Surely a case can be made for restricted immigration, for the careful disbursement of benefits to the newcomer, for gradualism in the acceptance of those who are different. But a strong case can be made also, that the immigrant enriches the host, bringing new grey matter and strong backs to the mix, challenging the host’s perceptions and broadening his views.

From a culinary standpoint alone, would you rather sample from the world’s dishes, or stick to meat and potatoes? Why, even pizza is an import.

It is no accident that America’s leading position in the world coincides with an openness to the foreigner that is unmatched by other nations. And though this sentiment has fluctuated through the years, inclusivity has more than repaid its costs.

That the current occupant of the White House is closed to that truth, does not alter it. The man went into denial for electoral reasons. After all, he has married two immigrants, and I venture that if a Muslim beauty had crossed his path, he might have married her too.

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