What’s happened in our land?


What’s happened in our land

That we have stopped talking to each other

Choosing not to listen,

And quick to judge and blame?


What’s happened in our land

That we allow others to sow

Seeds of distrust and hatred,

So a group comes to think

It owns the truth and the rest are blind to it?


What’s happened in our land

That we seem unable to pause and ponder,

Look inside ourselves

Reach out and parley

Without cursing

Without threatening.


Truth is neither yours nor mine

No one owns it

It owns us.

It doesn’t lie within you or me

But between us

Revealing itself when there’s a will

To bridge the gap,

A will to listen

And be listened to

So we both are counted.


To hate is to fear


Fearful minds cannot build bridges

To help us see that we are and have always been

In our brothers and sisters,

As they are and have always been

In us.


But face our fear and we will find the strength

To reach across,

Face it not

And we will see enemies where there are none

And the promise that was our country

Will be lost.


So let us take heart and dare to reflect

And ask,

Am I not in my brother and sister as they are in me?


Let us take heart and seek to understand,

And when we do

Truth will reveal itself

In the embrace

Of our brother and our sister,

No matter what they have done,

where they have been,

what color their skin.


And if our brother and sister can be more than they are now

Then, in the embrace,

They will be more,

And if they cannot be more

Then they will be more as they are,

For in the embrace there will be peace,

For you and for me

And a better chance to be all we can be.


Will it happen in our land?





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