Pipe bombs sent from Florida, the killings in Pittsburgh and Trump

They are related.

The culprits acted alone but the president’s rhetoric stirred them.

And yet Mr Trump is unable to acknowledge it.

He has denounced the violence but not owned up to his role.

He knows that there are unstable people that don’t need much to be tipped over

Into ghastly acts.

He knows that.

And yet, he keeps broadcasting his message of hatred and rancor.

That a president is elected to govern all Americans doesn’t sink in

And we’re already two years into his tenure.

The experience of being in the Oval office,

Of being the president of the United States,

Not the president of his base,

Does not sink in.

And so he is the burden that we must carry as a nation,

Until we have another chance to go to the polls.

I had hoped that he would have evolved,

That from his lofty position,

Seeing the entirety of our country,

He would have relinquished his extremist views,

But he has not done so.

I fear now,

That he’s incapable of it.

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