Calling for a National Referendum on Immigration

Is Immigration a problem for the nation? Yes or no?

Whatever the answer, let us not let Trump decide the matter.

Let the entire country do it instead.

Let the different sides present their case to all citizens

So that we – all of us – may decide what we should and should not do.

A national referendum on immigration would help us do just that.

The issue is important and complex enough to warrant our full consideration.

Do we allow immigration or not?

Could we do without it?

Do immigrants contribute to the country?

Do they take more than they contribute?

Who would be admitted and who would not?

Every color or some colors?

From every country or from some countries?

Of what age?

Of what religion?

Must they have skills or not?

Which skills?

Answering those questions would allow us to begin to address the matter rationally as it deserves to be.

We are a nation of immigrants but at some points in our history we have chosen to restrict the influx.

That is our privilege.

So let us give it the proper attention instead of letting emotion drive our choices.

Politicians manipulate emotions to get our vote.

We are a sovereign nation and as such need to give the proper thought to matters of great consequence.

Immigration is such a matter.



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