Trump in a Panic

Let us not join him. Under pressure from his base he feels he must deliver or else. The democrats are coming! Take cover! Build the wall now! Never mind if it means shutting down the government.

Have we ever seen a president so beholden to what a group of people thinks or wants?

The man can’t govern. The base governs him.

The pundits on the right dictate to him. He is the apprentice. Never mind the briefings he gets, he must turn on Fox News to guide him through complexity. All that matters is that he be in the limelight. That’s the guiding principle.

But we’re better than Trump. The nation is better than him. So we need to breathe and the crisis will pass. We will get through.

We must remain steady as the man breaks down in front of our eyes, unable to stand up to his base and govern for all Americans.

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