Open Letter to Mr Smollett


From the evidence disclosed to the public, it appears that you staged the attack on your person.

As it stands, the case against you seems daunting.

You were not counting on your accomplices to turn against you but they did.

It was a brazen plan, taking advantage of public sentiment to further your own aims.

All of it was utterly absurd and yet,

You may not be completely trapped,

For there could be a way out, if you come to your senses.

The world may still forgive you, if you own up to the truth.

No one got physically hurt and the greater damage is to you, to your possibilities and credibility.

It is sad to see a person self destroy, publicly.

But just what would coming to your senses entail?

Accepting your guilt.

Stepping out from the lies you’ve invented and still vaunt and own up to the grand deceit.

Doing so will bring you freedom.

Maybe not from the courts and maybe not from a possible prison term,

But if you bare your soul to all of us,

And acknowledge the personal flaws that made you turn to trickery to satisfy your hunger for greater stardom,

You will then be asking the public for mercy,

You will be getting on your knees to ask for sympathy and forgiveness.

You will be asking for understanding,

That no matter the riches bestowed upon you,

In talent and money,

They could not be enough to help you think of yourself as a full human being,

A human being, sir,

Who could accept his limitations as he tried to overcome them by dint of hard and honest work.

Dear Mr Smollett, unless you have something to prove your case,

Then all of this was a grand charade, in which you tried to fool us all,

But ended with you being the fool.

So be bold while there may still be time,

Be bold and embrace the truth,

Step forward and own up to your folly

And limit the damage you’re inflicting upon yourself.

Good luck.

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