The Financier Jeffrey Epstein. A Brief Note.

He made a lot of money and used it to abuse underage women. He could hire the best attorneys to minimize culpability, he had mansions and private islands and knew lots of famous people,

and yet

ended up dying in a prison cell, by his own hand.

All that money can buy did not help.

All that money can buy did not get him the serenity to face his sexual urges and say, ‘I must control this. I am harming other human beings and myself. I am taking advantage of underage women.’

All that money can buy did not get him the inner strength to say, ‘I am a capable man but my sexual urges overwhelm me, I cannot control them.’

All that money can buy, all those ‘high powered’ people he surrounded himself with, none of it, was enough to get him a moment of quiet were he could say, ‘I need help. I am desperately in need of it. I cannot manage my impulses on my own. I do not have the power. Money does not give me that power. How can I find it? Where?’

Maybe he even had moments when he looked up the number of a psychiatrist or psychologist and almost dialed it, maybe even passed by the office, thought of going in, even knocked on the door only to change his mind at the last minute.


Did anyone around the wealthy financier, did anyone close to Jeffrey ever say to him, ‘dear man… you are ill… very ill… and you need help. With help you can heal. There is help. Help to turn your life around. Please get help, for your sake and that of others.”

All that money can buy.   

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