Dear Meghan and Harry

I read with delight that you have decided to break away and chart your own course.


Of course, Harry, you knew that once you tied the knot with Meghan, it was going to be an exciting ride. She carries that sparkle. So I’m not that surprised that things are turning out as they are. And there’s a whole lot more to come.

The two of you are choosing, in your prime, to go into the world and explore the wonders of it.

Little Archie will be most appreciative of your choice.

I’m not up on the latest, and don’t know if you’ve decided on a country, the US or Canada, but I say that if you’re going to break away then break away and come to America.

Anywhere in America would be fine, but I’m partial to the West Coast. Of course, you will likely be bicoastal.

I think the English will end up appreciating your decision but it will take a little time for them to get it. But they will. Envy is a tough nut to crack.

Meghan, I confess I have not seen your acting, but from hearing you speak and behave, I have no doubt that you are very good. So why not return to acting? With your new title and position, I have no doubt that offers will pour your way, if they are not doing so already.

So why not give it a shot? You would be paving the way for your family’s financial independence.

And Harry could easily get involved in the producing end and the two of you would be writing your own ticket.

By virtue of the circles you will have access to, opportunities will abound. So be bold.

I have no doubt, for instance, that soon enough, the two of you will be hobnobbing with the Obamas and will make friends with Oprah and company if you haven’t already.

Please do get involved in worthy causes and become models for others. There’s plenty to do in this country, much to learn and much to give.

And Harry, as an immigrant, you will discover the joys of that journey, at a time in our history when, in your native country as well as ours, barriers are being raised against immigration.

Should we not call you the Royal Immigrant?

Good luck to the two of you and little Archie, and may the energies you bring, find fruitful destinations.

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