Where Is Our Leader?

Where is the leader that we need in this time of fear?

Where is he, or she?

Why can’t we have someone step up and say,

‘Fellow Americans, we will beat the coronavirus,

We will beat it.

We will pull together, all of us,

And helping each other beat back the virus!

Yes, we will push it back!

Our nation will not be defeated by the virus,

Our country will not be disabled,

America will not be destroyed by it.

We are stronger than coronavirus.

We have the resources to beat it.

So hear me well,

Republican or Democrat,

The government has your back,

You will get the service you need,

You will get the assistance you require,

We will not be destroyed by the virus.

We will defeat the virus.’

We need to be hearing this every day during this crisis.

Someone, must step into the void we how have

And say those things to all of us,

Every single day,

And say it with conviction,

Say it so we can believe you.

We must hear this

To bolster our stamina and commitment,

To raise our hopes.

We need this now.

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