Voting. Taking the Initiative.

Just saw recent polls saying that the majority of Trump voters were more likely to vote in person whereas Democrats were more likely to do so by mail.

People ought to have the option to do one or the other as allowed by law and every effort should be made to prevent any interference.


However, given the many uncertainties clouding this next election, shouldn’t the Democratic party, which is ahead in the polls, take a clear stance on how best to get the votes in?

What does the fact that most Trump supporters want to vote in person tell us?

That they’re not afraid of the virus?

That they want to be absolutely sure that their vote is not lost or mangled or is subject to some other as yet unforeseen irregularity that might question its validity?

Check both of the above.

Question to Democrats – should we not learn from Trump voters?

Voting by mail is a great convenience and sometimes the only alternative. And if that is the only way you can vote, please do so. But vote early. Early early Early. Very early. Just to be sure your vote gets in.

But for those who have the option to vote in person, then make the commitment that come fire or flood or earthquake or flat tire or no public transportation or whatever else, you will be there at the ballot box on election day, no matter how many Trump supporters might be standing just outside the perimeter set by law preventing electioneering, waving their flags or machine guns or cannons or what not.

Do not be intimidated.

This election is too important to our future.

Trump supporters will be ready with whatever other forms of intimidation they can muster.

For instance, while in line to the ballot box, immediately ahead or behind us, they may just not wear a mask or keep the 6 ft of social distancing, or worse, deliberately cough or sneeze or speak loudly. Anything to take us off our game.

But all we have to do is wear our mask. Two if you wish. And turn away from them.

Carry your hand sanitizer for good measure, so you can wipe off the spittle that may land on your shirt or skin. Wear gloves if you’d like.

But stay in line. STAY IN LINE.

The coughers, sneezers, spitters and gun wavers are counting on you giving up.

Keep in mind that they are desperate people. Do not let them take you off your game.

You’re in line to defend our democracy under threat. Defend your right to free speech.

Give in now and you will give in later.

The more we can show up at the ballot box, the better. That way we leave less to uncertainty.

Oscar Valdes is the author of Psychiatrist for A Nation and other books. Available on Amazon.

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