Political Donations and the Fragility of Democracy

We keep being asked to continue to pitch in, so more information is sent to voters.

But haven’t most people made up their minds by now?

Four years of Trump is not enough to persuade the citizen?

Apparently not, judging by the incessant requests. And so, it appears, that the fate of the nation comes to rest on a group of people who don’t seem to have strong views one way or the other and who can be persuaded by a postcard or advertisement.

Downright scary.

It is a good argument to invest more in education, to invest in helping people think.

A neutral subject like Thinking 101 could be made part of the curriculum, starting in 4th grade and continuing through the end of high school.

It ought to go hand in hand with Psychology 101, Learning to Recognize Your Emotions, so you’re not a slave to them but in control of them.

The classes could be just interactive lectures with no homework attached. A simple exchange of views with a mature adult with an interest in awakening young minds.

I, myself, would have got a lot of out of such courses.

The courses could use stories to illustrate instances of how thinking and being aware of your feelings can keep you out of trouble and move you in a direction that is right for you.

Sounds so basic. Who would be against this?

Some people are.

Some people who feel they have to capture the young mind to their way of seeing the world before the young even know who they are.

What a disservice to democracy.

What a disservice to humankind.

Oscar Valdes  oscarvaldes.net    on Twitter  oscar valdes@widehumr

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