Thank You Vaccine Makers

Thank you for persevering,

For working tenaciously to create a means to extending our lives,

Oh, how those 270 thousand Americans and over one and a half million people worldwide

Who have so far perished, would have benefitted.

Thank you for believing in science,

For not giving up when you ran up against what may have seemed

Unsurmountable obstacles,

Thank you for collaborating with others, believing in teamwork,

Thank you for having chosen your professions,

For trusting that committing to what you wanted would one day reward you,

Thank you for loving life,

For only because you do have you now been able to

Be part of this grand effort to bring relief to a battered and anguished world,

Thank you for your courage,

For your generosity,

For the power of your imaginations,

Your willingness to dare,

For taking on the challenge that nature presented to us,

For having had the resolve to face adversity,

And not having flinched,

Instead tamed the monster that threatened to extinguish us.

Thank you and thank you again.

May your lives be rewarded with honors

And may your example forever remind us

Of how we can rise to defeat all challenges,

So long as we commit to preserve and enrich the bonds that tie us,

So long as we never forget that, with all our differences,

We are one.

Dark clouds have often gathered over our world,

And it is because of men and women like you,

Men and women of every race and nationality,

That we keep moving forward.

So thank you, Vaccine Makers,

Knights of Science and Progress,

Knights of Humanity,

For lighting the torch that lets us see the path ahead.

Oscar Valdes  oscar valdes@widehumr

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