Courageous Resistance in Myanmar

After the military disavowed the elections where they were badly outvoted this last November, they have seized by force what government they didn’t previously control and imprisoned Suu Ky, the leader of the winning party (National League of Democracy) on February 1.

The rightfully enraged people of Myanmar have stepped out against the military in what has been called a Civil Disobedience Movement, with large numbers of government employees joining in the protest.

It is hard to say what other nations are now doing behind the scenes in an attempt to counter the military coup, but there is no question that the people of Myanmar deserve the full support of the rest of the world.

What can the rest of us do to show our disapproval of the military’s actions and our solidarity with the people of Myanmar?

Speak! Write to your representative, your senator, your president, and ask that our nation do something tangible to halt the brutal force with which the military is sure to treat Myanmar’s outraged citizens.


Raise your voice.

Do not be silent.

The courage of Myanmar’s people is the answer to tyranny anywhere.

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