Alexei Navalny. The Hope for a New Russia

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A man of enormous courage, who has for years campaigned against the corruption and despotism of the Russian government, deserves the world’s full support.

As of today, he is still in prison. And the sad likelihood is that Putin and his collaborators will make up new charges to prevent him from being released. Ever.

Why? Because Alexei Navalny is too much of a threat.

The mention of Navalny stirs up in Russians the possibility of a new and better world.

Putin cannot accept that.

A nation with a history of great achievements, has lain in a semi dormant state, unable to fully develop its tremendous capabilities, while under the control of Vladimir Putin.

Imagine for a moment, all that the Russian people could be contributing to the world, where they to be living in a political system that allowed for the free expression of ideas.

The arts would then blossom, and so would technology, industry and science.

The lights shining from Russia would be seen by all nations.

So, yes, we need people like Navalny to stir us up.

As we speak, in not far off Myanmar, a dictator is now butchering its people, shooting dissidents in the head. Why? Because he must remain in power.

In Hong Kong, protesters are being put in jail because Xi Jinping is convinced he must mold all Chinese in his own image.

In Xinjian province, the government has been forcibly reeducating Muslims so that they, too, become more Chinese.

Isn’t it amazing how some people can persuade others to remain silent, and surrender their ambitions of personal fulfillment, not just for a little while, but for a lifetime?

Putin could change this for Russians at any time. If he believes that most Russians are with him, then why not hold free elections and let them decide?

But he won’t because he’s afraid Russians will choose Navalny over him.

So he prefers to keep things under his control so he may govern until his death, maybe 20 or 30 years from now.

What’s lost in that deal? That generations of Russian people will not see their possibilities fulfilled.

But that is not a concern for Putin. Power is.

Just like it is for Xi Jinping. Or General Hlaing in Myanmar.

Putin will not step down from his position unless forced by ill health or the Russian people revolt.

So, yes, Alexey Navalny is a threat.

He is a threat because he has the courage to dream. For himself, for his beloved Russia and for all of us. He has become an inspiration to men and women the world over and so become part of us.

What a distinction. What an honor.

As stated in Wikipedia, ‘Navalny was nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize by multiple Norwegian members of parliament.[359][360] An Internet petition to the Nobel Committee in support of Mr. Navalny’s candidacy has been signed by over 38,000 people.[361]

I am here adding my name to such petition.

Cc Editor of the New York times, the Washington Post, The Economist, Amnesty International.

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