Declaration of The American Immigrant

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We come to this country to embrace our possibilities,

To expand our minds, our hearts and productive capacities

As we strive for self reliance.

To those who drafted the laws that made our entry possible

We say thank you,

To those who have built this country

We say thank you and here commit to continue the task,

To those who have fought for and defended this nation

We say thank you and here commit to do the same.

We will honor you and your efforts through our work and determination to succeed.

As we do, we vow to be generous to those who are less able for nature does not endow us equally.

We will fight to be the best we can be for as we do

We earn our freedom,

The power to bow to no one

And the privilege of lighting the way for others to follow.

Long live the freedoms of this land

The right to dissent and challenge authority,

And the opportunity to pursue our uniqueness. 

Thank you America

Oscar Valdes

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