Where Are the Palestinian Diplomats?

Photo by Fox on Pexels.com

In this hour of need, when Palestinian casualties, men, women and children are climbing in numbers that greatly exceed Israeli ones, as is always the case, where are the Palestinian diplomats?

While a truce in the hostilities is discussed, the slaughter continues. Irreparable losses mount. 

Lives are lost. The already impoverished living conditions in Gaza are made worse.

Where are the Palestinian diplomats?

Where is the internal resistance to the Palestinian forces of destruction, still vainly clamoring for a victory in the battlefield to reclaim lost territories and access to holy sites?

Where are the Arab nations that should be interceding and telling Hamas to stop what amounts to calculated self-destruction?

A time for reckoning must come. It has to because it will save lives and offer hope for some kind of solution.

Hamas, or any armed Palestinian faction cannot destroy Israel. 

Israel is there to stay. 

But world opinion can be enlisted in favor of the cause of displaced Palestinians, provided they commit to peaceful solutions.

It will take Palestinians renouncing the current leaders that continually raise false hopes that an armed solution is possible.

It will take Palestinians confronting leaders who stir hatred instead of healing.

What is lost is lost. But much can be retained and even gained if Palestinians commit to peaceful resolutions of the conflict.

All manner of world assistance could pour into Gaza and the West Bank to aid Palestinians. To help with education and training and jobs, provided there is a clear commitment to peaceful coexistence.

Wounds need to be healed and a thorough examination of the history of the existing divisions made. Nations from all over the world would be willing to step in and assist.

Universities and training centers could be set up in Gaza to elevate the conditions of the people, instead of continuing to live under the blockade they are now under.

But peace has to come first.

A willingness to say, ‘no more bloodshed regardless of what happened before. Let us stop killing each other. Let us stop dying for the sake of old hurts. Let us celebrate life and build a future.’

If Palestine would embark on such a course, it is quite possible that progressive forces within Israel would be mobilized to assist in the process.

But it has to start with the Palestinians. And this is a good time as any. 

Let the world help. Please.

Act now.

Embrace peace. 

Put down the guns. 

Resist and disown those who preach warfare.

Oscar Valdes.   Oscarvaldes.net.     

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