Helsinki -The Play – Chpt 3

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Trump is finishing addressing a huge rally, standing room only. A multitude of American flags are waving in the crowd. The noise dies down just so…

Trump (into the mike) – You know… I am here because of you… because you love me…and together… you and me… will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

The crowd explodes in thunderous cries of USA! USA! Long live Trump! Long live the king! Streams of multicolored confetti shoot out into the arena below from contraptions set up high above and rousing music blares out from the loudspeakers.

He raises his arms and waves back, beaming with satisfaction, exulting in the crowd’s adoration. Then the room goes completely dark and the music stops.

Trump finds himself alone in a barely lit, rectangular room. There are no windows. He’s seated in a chair at one end of the room. He looks around warily but it’s very dark. He’s not sure where he is or what he’s doing there. He feels something on his head, so he reaches up and removes it. He pulls it close to his eyes so he can examine it.

He smiles.

Trump – A crown… ah… finally…

Just then a tall, slender and shadowy figure appears at the other end of the room. The Man is dressed in a black suit with a hood over his head. Trump is puzzled because he didn’t see the Man enter. The Man glances at him. With a wave of his hand the Man creates a chair for himself and sits facing Trump. In the darkness, Trump cannot discern the Man’s features. The Man calmly crosses his legs.

Man – You and me… working together… will make America great again.

The Man speaks with a deep voice. Trump listens attentively.

Man – So, if your supporters had had a greater role in the conduct of the nation’s affairs… the country would not have slipped from greatness?

Trump eyes the Man suspiciously.

The Man – But how is that possible… that such a vital section of the nation allowed itself to be pushed aside… and by whom?

Trump – The immigrants, the undocumented, the illegals.

The Man (shakes his head slowly) – They have all that much political power?

Trump (chuckles) – Who are you?

Man – You’re running a scam in broad daylight, aren’t you…?

Trump (laughs) – Who are you?

Man – … transferring blame to an important, productive and enterprising segment of the nation… to exonerate… excuse your base.

Trump – Watch your words, buddy. You’d get lynched if you said something like that at one of my rallies.

Man – I say exonerate and excuse because it’s not the immigrants and minorities that’s pushing your base down… and you know it… no… instead, it’s been your base’s affluent and politically powerful brothers and sisters… white also… who did not reach out to them and said… ‘come, rise and walk with me’.

Trump – They needed a leader.

Man – You?

Trump – Yes, me… to lead them out of the wilderness and to the promised land. And if I have to blame some groups to stir them up, so be it.

Man – So you picked the easier target… rather than the class that has been deaf to their cries…

Trump, his anger smoldering, stares at the Man.

Man – … the class to which you belong.

Trump (impatiently) – Look, I’d love to chat but I’m a busy guy, I’ve got a country to run.

Man – So your base shares blame for not examining themselves… and waiting too long.

Trump – They’ve been waiting for me.

Man – Dear man … you’re a choice of desperation… and not a good one.

Trump – I’ve had enough of this.

He tries to get up but can’t.

Trump – What the hell?

There are no visible ties to bind him but he cannot get out of the chair. He struggles frantically but cannot free himself.

Man – The crowds at your rallies… do you promise them anything?

Trump – Why, yeah… sure, I tell them they can have… we can have… anything we want if we stick together.

Man – I see the salesman in you.

Trump – As a matter of fact, I am. New York City salesman. Ever been to New York City? Ever heard of Trump Tower… I mean, where have you been? You’ve never heard of me?

The Man says nothing.

Trump – Look buddy, I don’t know what game you’re playing but you can’t just hold me down like this… I’m the president of the United States.

Man – I’m not holding you down.

Trump (still trying in vain to free himself) – You’ve no idea who you’re messing with.

(bursting in anger)

Goddammit, are you deaf? I command you to let me the hell out of here!

The Man is unmoved.

Trump bows his head, gathering his strengths. Again, he thrusts forward trying to pull out of the chair but cannot.

Trump – Let me out!

The Man stares at Trump. Frustrated, Trump tries another tack.

Trump – Say, friend… I didn’t mean to get ornery… what’s your name?

The Man rises slowly, starts to leave but then stops, all the while looking at Trump.

Trump – Who are you? (exasperated) What do you want from me?

The Man turns and vanishes.

Trump – Hey, you!

Trump wakes up with a startle, sitting up in bed, restless. Melania is asleep next to him.

He then rises, puts on his robe and crosses to the window. He pulls up a chair and sits, looking out into the night.

Oscar Valdes.  Also available in, apple podcasts, Google podcasts and buzzsprout.

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