Russian Deployments to Venezuela and Cuba

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In a WSJ article entitled ‘Russia suggests Military Deployment to Venezuela, Cuba if tensions with US remain high’ and dated 1/13/22, a Russian deputy foreign minister said that since talks with America and its European allies over the Ukrainian situation have stalled, Russia could dispatch ‘military infrastructure to Venezuela and Cuba’ so as to pressure Washington to comply with Russia’s requests.

How interesting.

Putin invents a threat to Russia, sends troops to harass the Ukraine and because the US and Europe have not fallen to their knees, now he wants to instruct Venezuela and Cuba to help him out.

I am sure Putin didn’t consult with Diaz Canel and Maduro, the respective dictators in Cuba and Venezuela. What for? They owe me.

Putin wants NATO to restrict military deployments in territories bordering Russia and now protected by the US – European alliance. The alliance, however, has been put together to deter aggression from Russia. Instead, it has been Putin’s initiative to amass troops on Ukraine’s eastern border. It was Putin who annexed Crimea in 2014.

Putin must be having trouble at home that he’s been busy targeting dissident organizations in his country, labelling them terrorists, persecuting and imprisoning activists, instead of increasing freedom and allowing fair elections.

So he invents that the threat to Russia comes from the outside. Plus he gets his name in the papers and the internet and his dreams of eternal glory are revived.

Russia has a problem, yes, and it’s Putin. Like Cuba has a problem and Venezuela has a problem and it’s their leaders and those who choose to support them.

What Putin didn’t expect, was that America and its European allies would come together as one to present a united front.

What Putin didn’t expect, was that the West would not give in to his threats.

The Western alliance has held together because the threat to Ukraine is a threat to all of them.

And yes, the combined military capacity of the alliance is greater than Russia’s.

And the Biden administration has stated that no decision would be made without Ukraine being at the table. So, good for Biden and his excellent team, and good for our European allies. There are differences between us but there is clarity when it comes to identifying an external aggressor.

Venezuela and Cuba could do their part too by trying to show a little courage. They could ask Putin, ‘how come we don’t have to be asked to support you? You just assume we’ll do whatever you want?’

This is a great time for Russians to protest peacefully, to stand up to their dictator and tell him, ‘you are toxic to our nation. You are willing to sacrifice our soldiers for your dreams of grandeur. It is time that you go.’

Are you taking notes Xi Jinping? Pay attention. The West can unite. You will not divide us.

Oscar Valdes. also in, apple and google podcasts and buzzsprout.

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