Will There Be a Cease fire in Ukraine?

Photo by Nati on Pexels.com

Putin wants all of Ukraine.
The West will not send troops in to aid Ukraine, so for Putin it is only a matter of time.
And of adding up more casualties, mainly Ukrainian but also Russian.
He has made up his mind.
Bombing residences in Ukraine is part of the price. Killing men, women and children.
I’ve read he’s ordered that the relatives of fallen Russians receive a payment of $ 50,000.
How’s that supposed to make up for the loss of a life? When the reason for the fighting was something he invented owing to his fragile ego and dreams of empire.

He believes that Russia is being threatened, he tells us.
That other people’s quest for freedom is too unsettling for him to tolerate.
So he must act to squash the possibilities.
No matter the cost.
Meanwhile, there are nations in our world that see nothing wrong with the invasion.
Nations that are afraid to speak against it. Notably China, who instead blames the US for threatening Putin through NATO’s expansion.
India and Israel, also, have chosen to not upset Putin. And other nations in the Middle East which have business deals with Russia.
Geopolitical reasons they call it.
I am sure you can think of better words to describe such behavior.

The question now is, in the absence of a cease fire, and of the West sending in troops, what will happen on the ground?
At present Russian troops have advanced from the south as Kyiv, the capital and seat of government, is still holding.
But as stiff a resistance as the Ukrainians have mounted, and thousands of volunteers returning from abroad to fight for their land, the likelihood is that the Russian army will eventually prevail.

Advancing from the south and from the north Russians are likely to converge and make their way west to seal the border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania and so close off the entryway for weapons sent in from the western alliance. Unless a section of the Ukrainian army – while there is still time – changes strategy and relocates West before the Russian army gets there. That way they would be able to have the border with NATO members at their back – with their supplies flowing – and help them make a final stand against the invaders.
It could be they may hold that position longer than any other one in the country.
It could even lead to a divided Ukraine, which would be better than no Ukraine at all.

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