Putin Explains the War

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Putin speaks to journalists in Moscow.

Putin – I may seem calm outside, but I’m suffering inside. The war has impacted me greatly.
The only solace I get is from my religious conviction. The belief that I’m doing the right thing.
I went to the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church and asked, is the war justified? And he said, yes. And from that moment on I’ve had no more doubts.
We are fighting for a better world. I am convinced of it.
I see all the destruction caused by our weapons in Ukraine, the lives lost, and at first I am deeply saddened… but then I remind myself that the dead have gone to a better place, a place where there is eternal comfort… so the ache in my heart is soothed.
And I remind myself I am a humble servant of God.
It is not easy to be a world leader. I have to constantly deal with the envy of others, people dissatisfied with their lives who worship the false god of freedom.
And so it was that I became alarmed when Ukraine began to speak loudly and aggressively of their desire for freedom.
They are a courageous people, Ukrainians are, I grant that, but they have lost their way in the world.
At first I thought it was a passing infatuation, seduced by decadent Americans, but then I realized that they had truly abandoned the path to heaven.
Freedom is not the path to heaven but the path to perdition.
Then Ukraine began insisting they wanted to join NATO, and then I realized they had crossed the line and had left me with no option. For how can Russia allow itself to have a NATO loving country so close to Moscow, to St Petersburg?
No. I would not have that.
Fortunately, through great sacrifice and determination, we had prepared for such possibility and built great weapons and a strong army.
It was not an easy choice to invade Ukraine, for I knew we would anger Americans and the West. But I reminded myself of our obligation to help people who have lost their way.
Why is freedom so toxic to humanity?
Because it does not respect the natural order of things. So people get confused and then frustrated and then turn to violence. Violence against anyone who disagrees with them.
Life in America today is filled with chaos. Nearly everyone can own a gun and nearly everyone does. And they fire them when they are upset.
By contrast, here in Russia we have a sense of order. And it is my task to make sure it stays that way. That is my duty to God and to all of you.
Respect for the natural order of things help us live a better life.
If I had allowed Ukrainians to follow their path to perdition and freedom, they would have set a terrible example for the rest of Russia. I could not accept it.
But it is not only us in the world who have embraced the belief that God is our guide to govern ourselves. Other nations have done so, too.
China, for instance, although they have no traditional religion, they have come to accept that government doctrine is their religion, and under the exemplary leadership of Xi Jinping, they have done remarkable things in a short time. Do they sacrifice free speech? Yes. But look at all they get in return. Stability. Pride. Honor. Prestige.
So, too, with us.
We now have an alliance with China. Together, we will one day soon rule the world. And America and the West will bow to us.
The war with Ukraine, as painful as it may seem, is a necessary step to the success of our system.
China now understands clearly what they need to do to annex Taiwan. We have shown them the way. And Russia will support them when they make the move, just like they have supported us in our invasion of Ukraine.
Today, I predict the end of the West as we know it.
Our conquest of Ukraine will have far reaching consequences. It will tell all nations that Russia and China have the discipline, the capacity and ambition to rule the world. And that such world will a better one.
The notion of freedom that America and the West embrace is a sinful notion. What we in Russia and China have, instead, honors humanity and its noblest yearnings.
The war in Ukraine is a battle for the hearts and minds of mankind.
That we are winning tells it all… if God had been with America and the West, they would have seen clearly what help Ukrainians needed and not hesitated to give it. But they did not. Instead, America and the West remain confused and divided.
God took sides… and chose us.
Thank you

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