A Different United Nations

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

What we have is not working as it should.
Just look at one glaring contradiction. Two very large countries who do not grant political freedom to their people, are members of the Security Council, which gives them veto power over anything. If one such nation says no to a proposal, then the proposal is dead.
Those two countries are China and Russia.
There should be a peaceful revolt in the UN and those two countries should be removed from the Security Council.
Why isn’t there a mechanism to suspend veto power from nations who are not holding free elections, whose rulers stay in power as long as they wish?
If a revolt cannot happen, then a new United Nations should be created.
A United Nations that has as its core principle respecting the freedom of human beings and limiting the time rulers can remain in office.
Neither Russians or Chinese enjoy such freedom, no matter how hard they chant the names of their leaders or how low they bow to them.
Nations that keep electing the same leaders again and again are not free. They do so because they’ve been intimidated and brainwashed.
Our current United Nations stands by while Russia massacres thousands of Ukrainians and destroys their infrastructure and while China squashes Hong Kong and mistreats the Uyghur population in Xinjiang province.
Our current United Nations stands by while a religious elite in Iran enslaves their countrymen in the name of God and while Maduro in Venezuela oppresses his people in such manner that over 6 million of them – 5.1% of its population – have emigrated seeking relief in neighboring countries and elsewhere.
A United Nations without mechanisms to correct its mistakes is deeply flawed and needs to be dissolved and recreated.
A United Nations firmly founded on the respect of the freedom of human beings and the periodic transition of power, should be able to intervene forcefully in the affairs of a nation where the people are being consistently repressed.
Take the example of what is happening today in Myanmar (Burma), where the military has repeatedly ignored the results of elections and is now violently imposing its will, with thousands of dead as a result.
Believing they own the truth, and claiming national sovereignty to do as they wish while preventing outside interference, the military are decimating the population to protect the privileges of an elite.
And the UN does nothing of consequence.
A new UN with the authority to intervene in defense of the freedom of human beings, would have acted to stop the disaster from continuing.
And in Central America, why should the people in Nicaragua, for instance, continue to be oppressed by the Ortegas, who’ve been in power off and on for 60 years?
‘Oh, no one should intervene because we’re sovereign,’ they would argue. But sovereign to do what? To enslave minds and hearts?
The existing UN was created as a weak body on purpose, since the powers that created it wanted to escape close scrutiny or feared the possibility of world government.
But times have changed.
A United Nations with the authority to suspend veto power to countries with a proven record of not respecting human freedom, and not limiting the time its citizens can hold office, would have been able to play a strong role in Ukraine and even prevented the tragedy.


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