Cuomo Could Have a New Role in Public Life

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Given the mounting evidence that harassment of women in his employ did occur, it seems unlikely the governor will survive the criticism and thus will have to resign.

He has had a good run as governor.

He performed well steering New York through the thick of the pandemic.

So there is much he can rightly be proud of.

In my eyes, he is a solid man who made important contributions to his state and the nation.

I respect the man. And if I ever were to have the opportunity to meet him, I would step up to shake his hand and say thank you for all the good work he did.

But he has his flaws and they have come to haunt him.

Resigning will not be a disaster. 

And yes, he could have a new role in public life.

He abused his power but so have thousands and thousands of men throughout the years, most of whom were never held accountable or are now not being held accountable.

This is a new era we are living in and it shows we are evolving as a nation.

Just like voting Trump out of office was a sign of political maturation for the nation. The nation had allowed itself to be dazzled by the man (who had made billions and billions but would not release his tax filings), and then took a breath and realized their poor judgment.

Cuomo has proved himself as a highly capable politician and administrator.

But he abused his power.

The best way to address this flaw is to accept it. Work through the denial and evasion he’s mired in and say to all women, ‘I am sorry I abused my power.’

Having said that, he could then embark on another career in public life. That is, explaining to the American people why he did what he did. How the power he had, led to the corruption of his thinking and to believing he could take advantage of others. 

And doing so he would make a huge contribution to the evolution of our society.

Abuse of power in the workplace is very much a present problem in our nation.

We need men of substance, such as Mr Cuomo, men who’re highly capable, to say to the rest of us, ‘No matter how much power we attain, we should not use it to take advantage of others. It is easy to do because others are often dazzled by power.’

‘Women are learning to say no in the face of unwanted advances. We can help by being more thoughtful and to recognize the subtle ways in which unchecked power is used to bring others into submission and how it leads to their demeaning.’

Mr Cuomo is a man of his times. He had great moments as governor and he failed in his treatment of women.

But he could have a new role in public life.

Oscar Valdes.

Andrew Cuomo and The Allegations of Sexual Harassment

It’s been hard for most of us men to learn but learn we must. Women are fast moving into positions of leadership in whatever fields they enter, and they demand that they not be objectified. (as in seen only as sexual beings).

The message is clear. We, men, have been slow to get it.

Women are saying, respect me for what I do, for what I contribute, and do not sexualize me. And, should I choose to be sexualized, I will be sending you a clear signal for you to proceed.

Women are saying, I have a right to look as good as I wish and still expect to not be objectified.

Because Mr Cuomo did not get the message, a competent and sometimes brilliant governor is now standing on the edge of a long political career.

The fact that he has political power made him overconfident and, according to published reports, he overstepped the line.

He still has a chance of not being pushed over the edge and keep his office, but it will take some daring on his part.

Here’s my advice:

Accept every allegation that is true and apologize.

Ask to meet with each person who has complained about his behavior – with a witness for their side and one for his – and express, face to face, how much he regrets that he was the cause of the distress inflicted.

Vow to embark in an effort to help other men avoid the mistakes he made. For instance, the Governor could start a foundation/program to teach men in positions of power to restrain from sexualizing their employees. The Governor would then become a defender of women’s rights and help them develop the voice that would put an end to misbehavior the very moment it happens. Not wait and let it fester.

In their quest for autonomy and affirmation in the workplace and in life, women may sometimes hesitate to assert themselves when confronted with unwanted sexual advances, but it is clear they eagerly wish to be able to speak on the spot if an advance is not to their liking.

Women have all the right in the world to feel they are in control of their bodies at all time.

We, men, have got to learn that.

I believe the Governor has the capacity and emotional fortitude to do this.

But he must act quickly.

If he does, he may well stay in power and even rise further.

And his example help other men.

Good luck.