Where Are you Joe Biden?

Photo by Abdullah Ghatasheh on Pexels.com

The inability to come to an agreement in Washington has created much unease, and there’s more to come.

Biden’s budget will be pared down. But that would be okay – the budget was ambitious to begin with – were it not for progressive and moderate democrats tearing each other down and sending the negative signal that we can’t get it together, that we can’t compromise.

Biden has had a full plate but he’s not stepping up to reassure the country.

Will the debt ceiling be raised in time? I think so, but it just might not, not because it is intentional but because with all the infighting we could run out of time.

And the markets will sink, a recession will set in and the sense that leadership is deeply flawed will be seared in our minds. 

Mr Biden, you’re the president of this country. You are no longer the senator from Delaware.

It is good that you have negotiating skills to make deals but you have an obligation to the voters to address us all.

In these difficult times you should be taking 5 minutes of your time every other day to speak to us directly to reassure us that the debt ceiling will be raised.

You are now the President. Not the senator.

And just what is the point of delaying the endorsement of Jerome Powell as Fed chairman? Trying to score points with progressives, score points with Senator Warren?

Mr Biden, reach into yourself and find the same resolve that you did when you chose to pull us out of Afghanistan. Then you spoke with assuredness, with conviction.

We need that again.

Republicans, meanwhile, five times more dysfunctional than democrats and toxic to the core, are increasing their chances of winning both houses next year. And that will be on you.

Voters have short memories.

If you don’t step up you will coast to a one term presidency – Harris won’t be able to fulfill her promise, and we’ll have Trump or a clone (Haley) again at the helm.

What kind of legacy will that be?

Meanwhile, at the politburo in Beijing, they are smiling broadly,

‘Americans are falling on their own sword. Again.’


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